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Human Transformation – Is it time to get strategic about it?


Not long ago I asked individuals in my social media circles to acquire a poll about about Human Transformation. (The unofficial and anonymous poll is nevertheless reside if you would please participate in it here). My objective right here is to understand the fascination degree and its perceived effect on Digital Transformation – which is an area I am discovering for upcoming analysis.

In this article are my first views and some of the fast comments I have been acquiring so significantly. I feel to start, I define Human Transformation as ” the enhancement of the human to raise their abilities and broaden their ability (bodily, cognitively, and behaviorally) by means of the use of technology and science”. Most responses in the study have been relatively close in indicating, but I would really like to listen to your response. I connect with out bodily, cognitively and behaviorally precisely and glimpse at them as:

Physically– maximizing a human by escalating their physical capabilities these types of as augmented reality, virtual reality, exoskeletons, implants (i.e. NFC), and even genetic engineering.

Cognitively– maximizing a humans capability to imagine and make far better choices. augmented intelligence certification (refers to human beings and augmented intelligence certification functioning jointly to enhance cognitive performance, including choice earning, finding out and new activities) and Smart Medication would be examples of this.

Behaviorally/Culturally – training and encouraging our staff members to be far more ground breaking, assorted in their pondering, use design thinking, acquire a human-centred tactic, individuals kinds of merchandise are protected under this place, a person in which I feel businesses have been extremely intentional about devoid of realizing it would slide beneath the Human Transformation umbrella.

Primarily based on some quite early first opinions:

  1. Far more than 75% of respondents think Human Transformation is essential to them individually, although only 50% really feel its crucial to their corporation.
  2. Overwhelmingly, participants in the survey feel Human Transformation is significant to Digital Transformation
  3. Cognitive Human Transformation is main the pack, in stage of importance, adopted by Bodily

Once more, this is nevertheless really early and am intrigued to hear your feelings by way of the poll here.

I will leave this poll up for the subsequent quite a few days, and share extra of the results.

Also, please hold examining back to this weblog as I will be concentrating on this subject about the future many months below.




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