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Human Transformation – Is it time to get strategic about it?


by Marty Resnick  |  April 19, 2019  |  Post a Comment

Just lately I questioned folks in my social media circles to acquire a poll about about Human Transformation. (The unofficial and anonymous poll is however stay if you would remember to take part in it here). My aim right here is to understand the curiosity stage and its perceived effects on Digital Transformation – which is an space I am checking out for upcoming exploration.

Listed here are my initial ideas and some of the quick opinions I have been obtaining so significantly. I think to start, I determine Human Transformation as ” the improvement of the human to increase their capabilities and grow their capacity (physically, cognitively, and behaviorally) as a result of the use of technological know-how and science”. Most responses in the study have been reasonably close in indicating, but I would appreciate to listen to your response. I simply call out bodily, cognitively and behaviorally specifically and seem at them as:

Physically– improving a human by raising their bodily abilities this sort of as augmented reality, virtual reality, exoskeletons, implants (i.e. NFC), and even genetic engineering.

Cognitively– enhancing a people potential to think and make much better decisions. augmented intelligence certification (refers to humans and augmented intelligence certification doing work alongside one another to boost cognitive effectiveness, which include choice generating, learning and new ordeals) and Good Prescription drugs would be illustrations of this.

Behaviorally/Culturally – training and encouraging our staff to be more revolutionary, diverse in their thinking, use design thinking, choose a human-centred method, people sorts of merchandise are coated less than this area, just one in which I feel organizations have been pretty intentional about devoid of acknowledging it would slide beneath the Human Transformation umbrella.

Dependent on some extremely early preliminary feedback:

  1. Extra than 75% of respondents feel Human Transformation is vital to them individually, although only 50% truly feel its crucial to their firm.
  2. Overwhelmingly, members in the survey consider Human Transformation is essential to Digital Transformation
  3. Cognitive Human Transformation is primary the pack, in level of importance, adopted by Bodily

Again, this is however really early and am intrigued to listen to your ideas by way of the poll here.

I will leave this poll up for the future quite a few days, and share much more of the findings.

Also, please maintain examining back to this blog as I will be focusing on this subject above the following several months below.




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