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Handle towers – umbrella visibility for your supply chain


Forged your head back – it’s circa mid-1990s and you have to have to obtain a new kettle. You travel into city, park up, and trawl about from shop to store evaluating models and rates. Of course, a single shop has the ideal model, incorrect colour – though an additional shop has the right coloration, but regrettably the erroneous product.

Finally, you settle on a particular kettle that additional or fewer satisfies your charge, design, color, and good quality tastes. All you preferred was a cup of tea, and it’s taken you all morning.

Fast-forward 25 several years – you need to obtain a new kettle. You simply open the net on your telephone, search the many designs on a comparison web-site, and then buy 1 dependent on the price and shipping. The visibility on merchandise, cost, and shipping has empowered you to genuinely find the ideal solution, at the right price tag.

Shouldn’t you expect this same degree of visibility across your provide chain?

From a siloed supply chain…

Similarly, a lack of real-time monitoring, visibility, and transparency throughout your organization’s provide chain can stop you from responding speedily and dynamically to volatility or stakeholder calls for – and also make it tough to develop into new marketplaces and geographies.

Improving upon the success and performance of your offer chain operations is all about breaking down the silos in which it operates. Although lots of organizations have pockets of excellence in various places of their provide chain, they are not related and absence any all round visibility.

When you might have visibility for a distinct product or process in just an person supply chain of your firm, you could possibly not have visibility of that solution or system throughout product lines, divisions, geographies, and working models of your corporation.

… to a centralized control tower organization

Applying a manage tower across your provide chain operations enables you to consolidate and harmonize all of your solutions and geographies in one particular put. Acting as a central umbrella-like hub that merges data and actual physical content flows with your group, procedures, and tradition, a handle tower can improve your offer chain visibility.

Of course, this is nothing new. Control towers have always been a impressive technique to increase source chain general performance – but they have been held back by a deficiency of correct technology. Now with the rise of virtual reality, augmented intelligence certification (AI), intelligent automation, and robotization, control towers have the possible to add massively to the way you handle and execute your offer chain administration.

A tailor-made running model

Organizations have historically run their offer chain operations in a major-down manner. This has usually produced a set of constant or inconsistent product sales data throughout merchandise strains and geographies, which is utilised to notify the group how foreseeable future functions of a particular product or service ought to be established up and run.

A long run-all set manage tower operates in specifically the reverse way and leverages a bottom-up technique:

  • Visibility – first, you will have to assure your details is total, dependable, and gives the proper visibility on how you operated the supply chain for a individual solution. This ordinarily includes the use of dashboards and cockpits that supply actual-time visibility
  • Analytics – second, you apply logic, intelligence, and analytics to your data to understand precisely how source chain operations for that item were being run. This consists of root cause evaluation, simulations and “what if” scenarios, as effectively as hazard evaluation and response administration
  • Execution – third, only after these 1st two techniques have been carried out do you approach, make, satisfy, promote, and provide that item. This is underpinned by a know-how spine that connects an ecosystem of suppliers, logistics support vendors (LSP), deal companies, customers, and distributors.

Of course, the similar rules also use to people who operate source chains as their main business – for instance, logistics service providers (LSP). A management tower can support an LSP combine quite a few business units, these as airfreight, ocean freight, land transport, and deal logistics. The consolidation and integration of this cross-BU transportation and warehousing info allows LSPs to proactively recommend offer chain optimization opportunities for their clients. This is very little fewer than a total revolution for the logistics market.

Implementation of a technological know-how-enabled control tower represents a paradigm shift in the way offer chain functions are carried out, and demands a transformation attitude to be thriving and experience the benefits.

Your new kettle arrived this early morning. You sit back with a cup of tea and marvel at the way technology has revolutionized modern-day commerce. Could implementing a manage tower do the same for your source chain?

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